Hello. These pages were set up to provide support for the main cyclestuff site and help direct traffic.The bits below are gleaned from the main ‘About’ page.


Cyclestuff is about cycling. It’s about bikes. It’s about people. It’s about bike people. It’s all about People like you and me (and if you’re not cycling yet, I’m hoping that it’ll soon be about people like you and me). Cyclestuff is all about things that interest us from the wide and varied world of cycling. We also enjoy a nice bit of cycle art and the odd spot of photography, popping up the odd picture we feel is worth sharing (even if it’s bad, it’ll illustrate a point. A picture paints 1000 words and all that).

CycleStuff is maintained by Simon and Paul, two employees of Odoni, a manufacturer of cycle storage solutions in the UK. Whilst we might make the storage type stuff for the day job, the business end of things is a peripheral concern; we’re primarily interested in  cycling, sustainability and community (and happy to be doing things for bicycles when not writing about them, riding on them, or fantasizing about them). Main contributor Simon Nurse is a member of  spring classics and cyclo-cross obsessives, ‘Here come the Belgians’, racing for Cardiff JIF cycling club during the autumn and winter months in the Welsh Cyclo-cross league. He gave up his company car to cycle commute eons ago, writes about cycling and has been published in Boneshaker magazine and the Ride Journal. If you’re trapped in a confined space with him, don’t mention single speed cycling or Zen-like rides. You won’t escape easily. Simon has roped in work colleague Paul Smout, an IT specialist and an avid gamer with a keen eye for good design and innovative thinking.  Paul’s steady hand is often needed to navigate these choppy IT waters (besides he’s a proper grown up).

The blog is intended to help, inform, entertain and influence, so if you feel that you’ve got something of interest, please drop us a line.



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